Bloesi Glasses Before & Afters

96% experienced more radiant, rejuvenated, and refreshed looking eyes, after using the Bloesi Glasses for 2 weeks.

“After 4 weeks or so, my eyes look brighter and less puffy. These glasses have made a real difference with my eye bags. I'm starting to see dark circles reduced as well.”

"At 53, I wasn't expecting to see such a noticeable difference, but the red light therapy and microcurrent have made my eyes look brighter and more refreshed. I look and sure feel more awake."

"I like what I see so far. Have used numerous expensive products and saw 0 results. This device, I actually feel it working. I even got a compliment from my wife saying I look younger."

Based on an independent claims validation study of 60 participants over 30 days using the 2-in-1 Red Light Therapy Glasses and Activating Serum. Individual results may vary.

"I struggled for ages with bags under my eyes and wasted money on stuff that didn't work. Gave bloesi a shot, not expecting much. But guess what? It's amazing—better than treatments that cost thousands. Very pleased!!"

"I didn't really know what to expect when my girlfriend gave me the bloesi glasses for my birthday, but now the bags under my eyes and puffiness are visibly reduced — it's like I'm in my 30s again!"

"I have loss of collagen, I absolutely love this device. I can feel it working as soon as the light goes on. I’ve noticed a plumpness and firmness about my skin as well as a reduction in my eye bags!"

Your Pro-Level Skincare Routine

Recommended By World Leading Skincare Experts

The Bloesi Glasses combine two of the most effective treatments in the skincare industry. Red light therapy and Microcurrent technology— both widely praised and used by dermatologists in professional clinics.

By integrating these advanced treatments, our device deliver in-clinic level results from the comfort of your home, making professional skincare accessible without the in-clinic prices.